Move Products, Maximize Profits.

  • From inventory management to online pre-orders and POS, KlickTrack comes with everything you need to sell well.

Modernize Inventory

Say goodbye to wasted hours and money, and hello to effortless inventory tracking and management.
Streamline the way you take inventory of your products, then create discounts to keep them moving swiftly.

What You’ll Love:


Intelligent Intake

Accept inbound manifests through our ecosystem and we’ll auto-populate your products’ costs and quantities.
If a product already exists in your database, we’ll auto-populate its name (so you don’t create a duplicate), along with its price and associated weight.  


Easy Discount Settings

Create different types of discounts — based on a number of granular, stackable conditions — that you can enable, disable and re-enable later.


Robust Reporting

Easily see what you have in stock and what your bestsellers are. Understand how quickly products are moving to make informed reordering and pricing decisions.

“A manifest that used to take us 30 minutes with Greenbits only takes us 11 minutes with KlickTrack. We don’t have to add information like strain, THC levels, etc.”

Jenny Foley
Manager, 2020 Solutions

Capture Online Sales.

Enable customers to shop from the comfort of their couch and place their order through a white-labeled pre-order menu. Make it easy for them to simply pay and pick up their products in your shop.

Our Pre-Order Menu Features ...


Embed an IFrame right on your own website or link out to a separate URL.


Choose your color scheme, upload your logo and add your marketing message.

Search & Filters

Enable customers to easily find exactly what they’re looking for by brand, product type and more.

Product Details

Empower customers to shop smarter by providing them with THC, CBD and Terpene percentages.


Choose your color scheme, upload your logo and add your marketing message.

Exceed Your
POS Expectations.

Make it easier for customers to buy your products and easier for your budtenders to sell them.
Our leading POS platform enables easy, efficient transactions that everyone loves.


Fulfillment Hub:

No need to jump from one device to another. Easily see all of your pending orders — in store, curbside and express pickup — in one organized view.


Discount Automation:

Make customers an offer they can’t refuse with conditional, stackable discounts that will automatically be applied at checkout.


Register Discounts:

Empower budtenders and protect your profitability by enabling them to apply pre-authorized discounts at the register.


Loyalty Discounts:

Reward your regulars by converting points they’ve accumulated to a percentage off their purchase.


Park Orders:

Save in-process orders for customers who need to run to the ATM, then allow them to pick back up with any budtender when they return.

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