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  • You can learn a lot about our platform from the common questions and answers below. If you have other questions about how we can support your specific business, let’s talk!

Do You Sell Hardware?

We’re strictly a software company. At the register, we’re iOs based. For everything else, we’re hardware agnostic, though we do have a list of recommended hardware that’s been rigorously tested. If you ask us about it, we’ll be happy to make recommendations and introduce you to our hardware partners.

Can I use my existing hardware with your POS?

Unlike other platforms that require you to buy all new hardware, we enable you to use your existing hardware, as long as it’s compatible. Feel free to reach out to us for our list of supported hardware.

What is your level of traceability integration?

We provide real-time and fully compliant reporting to CCRS, METRC, BioTrack and Leaf Data Systems through our Compliance Translator.™️ Contact us to learn more about this patent-pending technology.

What vendors do you integrate with?

We’re a full-spectrum POS platform, but we also integrate with lots of third-party providers, i.e.

Menu Providers
I Heart Jane
Data Analysts
Top Shelf Data
Marketing Partners
Green Screens
Alpine IQ
… to name just a few. For the full list, visit our Integrations page.

If I switch to your platform, what data can I transfer?

You can transfer your inventory data and, during the migration, we’ll clean up any misspelled, duplicate and discontinued items. You can also transfer your customer list, including full names, phone numbers, email addresses and loyalty points. Your data will be compliant the moment it's loaded into KlickTrack.

What are setup, onboarding and training like? How long does it take?

We work with each customer to create an individualized migration plan that fits their needs and timeline, and handle the data transfer. You can choose either virtual or onsite setup, onboarding and training. Our onboarding process usually takes 1-2 weeks and consists of training sessions that focus on the different areas of the business (inventory management, register functionality, app settings, etc.). We’ll customize it to ensure that everyone at your shop feels empowered to use our platform. We also have instant-onboarding options so you can get running right away.

What type of support
can I expect?

Our Customer Success Team will check in with you regularly after launch to see how things are going and if they can be of any assistance. They’ll also conduct quarterly business reviews to identify any growth opportunities and help you maximize your usage of the platform.

If at any point you need immediate assistance, our live Support Team will be available by phone, email and chat from 24/7, 365 days a year. We respond to tickets in just less than 10 minutes, on average.

What are your reporting capabilities?

To help you make the most of your metrics, we offer real-time, customizable reports that you don’t have to download to Excel. We also integrate with a variety of back-office reporting solutions and are able to customize reports to your needs.

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