the Evergreen State

  • Washington is our founders’ home state, where they started and still run their own dispensary. Their firsthand knowledge of the state’s laws  comes in handy for helping you run a fully compliant business.


Paving the Way for Pot

In 2012, Washington became the first U.S. state to legalize the recreational use of cannabis after more than a decade of medical legalization. The state still has an active medical cannabis program, too.

Growing Like You Know What

Since Washington has been at it the longest, the legal cannabis market there has grown like, well, weed. Between 2015 and 2020¹, sales increased 605% and in 2019, cannabis revenue surpassed the liquor industry by $172 million². Cannabis sales contribute over $2B to the state’s economy annually³.

Green for Good

Washington has put nearly half of its cannabis revenue into its Basic Health Plan Trust Account, which is used to provide healthcare and services to the state's working classes. The rest of the state's cannabis revenue goes to education, research and a large state general fund⁴.

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² Where’s Weed: “Which States Have the Biggest Marijuana Markets,” February 17, 2021
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Keep Up with Compliance Changes:

KlickTrack helps Washington dispensary owners stay in the clear by being the beta tester for the new CCRS platform. This enables us to provide insights and updates to our customers in real time.

Streamline Your Operational Needs:

Washington retailers are tired of using third-party plug-ins to solve their day-to-day operational needs. KlickTrack's full-spectrum platform brings everything in house, saving dispensary owners time and money.

Protect Your Profitability:

Our reporting engine displays valuable insights about which SKUs are your money-makers and which ones need to be put on clearance.

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