North to the Future

  • Personal non-medical marijuana use and possession became legal in Alaska on February 24, 2015

    Klicktrack’s POS platform helps Alaskan dispensaries grow revenue with tools that enable them to build customer loyalty and offer competitive pricing, all while staying fully compliant.


Alaska became the second state in the union to decriminalized cannabis in 1975. Alaska was also the third state to approve recreational cannabis in 2014.

Growth Rate and Taxes

2021 saw $28.9 million in excise taxes on cannabis and has the highest excise tax rate of any state per at $57.50 per ounce.

Seasonal Growth

Tourists make up nearly 20% of the state's wholesale cannabis market during the summer months


Sell on the Go:

KlickTrack provides AK retailers with a powerful POS. It includes an outbound/transfer manifest that pre-populates information, customizable menus based as well as pay-in/pay-out functionality that allows you to reconcile cash in hand at the end of a shift.

Stay Fully Compliant:

We have you covered for any regulatory changes, including changes to taxes, labeling requirements, customer marketing and more.

Protect Your Profitability:

Our reporting engine displays valuable insights about which SKUs are your money-makers and which ones need to be put on clearance.

    AK Cannabis by
    the Numbers


    Licensed Dispensaries1


    In-State Cannabis Customers


    Tax Revenue in 2021


    Tax Revenue Projected in 2023


    Direct Jobs Created1

    1 As of April 2023

    KlickTrack Features
    AK Retailers Love



    Pay-in/pay-out functionality

    that allows drivers to reconcile cash in hand at the end of a shift

    Built-in fulfillment mode

    that can be used at call center/main warehouse

    Customizable menus

    by driver or zip code

    Driver’s license analytics

    that allows for better tracking of gender, age and zip

    Intuitive outbound/transfer manifest capabilities

    that pre-populate driver information

    Rooms and bins

    that can be utilized for “ice cream” models

    In-house ecomm and SMS

    for better marketing and inventory showcase

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